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Mixed Ability Public Classes

Mondays 5.30pm - 7pm at Wilstrode Ave Binfield
Tuesdays 7.30pm to 9pm St. Sebastians, Crowthorne
Thursdays 8.00pm to 9pm The Fitness Space, Ascot - Hot Yoga
Fridays 10am to 11.30am Wilstrode Ave Binfield - Hot Yoga

Mixed Ability Members Only Classes

Sundays 11am to 12.15pm The Fitness Space
Tuesdays 1pm to 2pm Building 5 Gym
Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm The Fitness Space

Swing Yoga Session

Saturday 16th November 2019 Swing Yoga Session 2pm to 4pm Find it on Facebook

Saturday 14th December 2019 from 2pm to 4pm

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